About Me - A Short Biography


I was born in Günzburg, Germany on the 27th June in 1965; a Sunday. It is said that being born on a Sunday will bring you luck your whole life. Looking back on my life so far I can only state this as being true.

My father worked as teacher and as he was just starting his career when I was born, we moved around a lot; changing places within Germany nearly every year. He even wanted to teach overseas and when he got the offer, took the chance, taking the whole family with him.

By now I had two brothers, one born the year after me, the other five years after me. I loved them (and still do, although now as adults the connection isn’t as close as it was as children) – taking care of them as if they were mine. My mother was a little bit proud of me for this and I really enjoyed it. I have nice memories of this early childhood time.

So in 1976 we went to Papua New Guinea (PNG). My family stayed there for five years with an eight weeks break back in Germany after three years. School went only up to 6th grade in PNG; so I, and a year later my bigger brother, went to boarding school in Australia for three years. This school had a German teaching section enabling us to learn things as if in Germany, making it easier for us when returning home there.
As the German part was integrated into the Australian school we also had the opportunity to learn English as if it was our mother tongue; I had started to learn it in school already the year before we left Germany. Being together with the Australian students we learned a lot more than just the language and what would have been possible just by normal school lessons. This time in Australia was when my artistic and writing times really started. I made friends there too, but the connection broke as we got older and I left the country.

The last year overseas this school was closed – so my brother and I had to go to a different school. The possibilities were a boarding school back in Germany, one in Singapore and one in Tokyo, Japan. My parents selected Tokyo for us. This was another great chance for us to get to know a complete different culture again and we sure enjoyed it. I only learned a few words Japanese though.
At school, it being in German too but with a different direction focusing on language instead of science and mathematics as were the ones before, I also learned French basics (pressing two years into one as I started in the second year of that language teaching at this school) additionally to the Latin that I already started learning in Australia as well as the English.

This was a good basic for my language skills; but life had it that I nearly forgot about them and didn’t use them after I had left school except for English – still reading books, mainly Science Fiction, in that language. Looking back I can say that I was a “book worm”, and when my time permits I still am.

Leaving school I went to university and after three semesters there studying the early history of human culture (and also having had the chance to partake on some excavations for this) I got married and my first child, a boy, was born.

Now my life centred on my own little family, getting a daughter two years later. It was only when those were nearly leaving home that I found the time and motivation to return to my childhood and teenager times of learning and experimenting with my talents.

I had always been interested in art (drawing and forming things with my hands) as well as formulating my thoughts with words so that I slowly took this up again.

As technical things developed and my husband being the one to try and stay updated on them I also rather early had the chance to use a computer, leaving it at the basic usages though. My abilities in the English language were very helpful in this too. And this was enough to get back into contact with friends all over the world and making new ones, sharing my works with them first.

In 2008 an Art Club was founded in the village I live. I was one of their founding members and we all do different art things – encouraging each other and having now the possibility to show our works to a bigger circle of people and for me especially not only over the internet.

There, I also was encouraged to make my art and writing not just for me. This was one of the reasons I actually have now some of my stories as printed version. First in English, as that is the original langauge I wrote the stories in, and then also in German, for the people that can’t read English. I don’t know yet, if I will publish all my books in both language versions though.

So now I’m continuing my artistic endeavours with a different purpose again, always learning and adding to my knowledge and sharing it.

In order to make my works known to an even broader public this web page was created. It will be updated irregularly; depending on when new things are finished to be added.

Enjoy your visit. ^^