My blog "Food for Thought and Other Things"

Some of the art work and photos on deviantART. You can buy some of them over that platform as prints on diverse media.

I also have an Amazon author's page. I have listed 6 books there that I have collaborated in. More to come.

I am also using Viewbug: I have two profiles there.
One that I made with an old facebook account: gansmichaelablume, as Viewbug offers a quick-link with that to login in.
The other that I created with my G+ account; the viewbug account still exists - even if G+ itself no onger is there for private consumers: MichaFire, which I am expanding bit by bit.

I also use: LinkedIn though I have not done any postings as such directly on the site.

My newest addition is Instagram, since I mainly use my mobile phone to take photos now.

Sites that kindly display an artwork and/or writing of mine:


Beyond The Critique is showcasing some of my photos we worked together in a group on G+ in 2013 as a basis for a photography portfolio.

AJ Snook has kindly featured this essay of me on his blog:
Here the direct link to the entry: Imagine yourself as a Coin on his blog.

Starting in 2013, some of my poetry, photos and short stories have been featured in the free series An Excuse for Company on Smashwords, an eBook publisher site.
You can download all volumes for free. My writings appear from volume #3 onwards. There is no volume #7.
Volume #8 was the last edition - I guess the "plot bunnies" got the best of us. :P