Literature - A New Chance, the Book


A New Chance Cover
A New Chance

Usually past is past.
What has been done cannot be done undone.
But sometimes life gives you a new chance.
A chance for a new beginning.
It might be the only new chance you get.
Do not let it pass.
Use it wisely.

This book is about such a chance.

The action in general:
This is a story about a man that has worked in Malawi, Africa some time ago.
He visits this country now with his new girlfriend, but has not told her the reason for leaving then or returning now.

I have not been to this country, but I try to be as authentic as I can. It's still a fictional story though.
Any similarities to persons, either living or dead, is coincidental.

This is my second finished and published book (92 pages), and can be obtained directly through me.
Please, drop me a short e-mail - all details then.

For all those that rather have the book as a PDF document:
Please notify me with an e-mail as well.