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Journey -  A meditative Story Cover
Journey - A meditative Story - Read! Feel! Enjoy!

A book that is meant to make you think about your own reasons for life; what is really important to you about it.
The action in general:
A young woman with her baby walks with a group of others across an empty plain to a bay where they are expected. It is their shelter.
The woman becomes aware of her self during this walk and now tries to understand what is different this time to similar situations she has memories of but wants to forget.
She also knows what will happen in future and that she can't change it - but she realizes this time how she can cope with this so things change the next time around; maybe it will be even better than now.
A hope for a new life, for life as such.

This is my first finished and published book (52 pages, all illustrations by me), and can be obtained directly through me.
Please, drop me a short e-mail - all details then.
It is also availible as a PDF file now.