Four poems; all written on the same day in September 2007


When written in GOLD,
You remember what you have been told.
When written on paper,
You forget until much later.

Things experienced in a dream
Are never what they seem.
The same experienced for real
Will surely make you feel.

Living things only in the mind,
Might make them to be too kind.
Going through them in your life,
Will change for what you strive.


Look deep within your mind
For the truth you want to find.
Make changes with all your heart
Even if it might tear you apart.
For the new future you want to be
You will truly have to see.
To reach a new height
Simply go into the white light.


Within me burns a fire,
And as the flames go higher,
All of it I want to share;
With anyone, I don't care,
It is for all to see
What the future could be.


The smell of roses,
For your noses,
The colours white and red,
So I have read,
Are the things for this year
To make you loose all fear.