Despair and Hope



I'm pondering all night long
if I have done something wrong.

Day and night I miss
your loving hug and kiss.

We had such a good time.
Your words made me shine,

and I felt your loving care
whenever you were there.

I'm searching every day.
There must be a way

to reach you again
and stop this pain

that goes through my heart,
making the tears start.

I call to the stars above:
"How can I reach my love?

Was it ever real,
the love that I feel?"

Now I am so alone,
crying in my home.

Just when no more I could bare
suddenly you were there.

Blown away is my fear
as you whisper in my ear:


"It's your eyes I want to see
and all of you I want to feel.

You did nothing wrong
for me to be gone.

I never forgot you and your love
and heard you from the stars above.

So I come back again
to take away the pain

and make you feel
our love is for real.

But also to let you know
that again I have to go.

Our love will forever be
like the stars that you see.

Another span of time
and together we will shine.

So whenever you feel sad
don't get all mad.

Look at the stars above
and again feel our love.

Whenever you feel it hurts
remember these loving words.

Keep the memory in your heart
and the love will never part!"