Love Poems


Writing poems about love is something so special
- sharing deepest feelings -
that makes this kind of writing so much more difficult.

Star Love

When the sun goes down
And the stars bright the sky
I lay back on the lawn
And let my heart fly.

About my dearest love I think
And where he now might be.
Within a moment's brink
His loving eyes I can see.

For me his love I feel
As I look into the light.
It breaks my soul's seal;
There is no more fright.

Take my heart's desire
And from my soul the love,
Fly them so much higher
Beyond the stars above.

Where we will unite
Joining our path
Shining for ever bright
Together in our love.

New Year's Day 2011

Star Love

The sun has set
I lie down on my back
And look up into the sky
Letting my heart fly.

As the stars show above
I think about my love.
They are filling the sky
Making my heart soar up high.

To my love it flies
Remembering his eyes.
I feel no more fear
Thinking of my dear.

And within my soul
There is this one goal.
The love burns like fire
To reach my heart's desire.

In my dreams we unite
Like the stars so bright.
We live on above
Together in our love.

February 2011
second version

Light in the Sky

We are like a light in the sky,
flying with the birds up high.

Like the sun we shine brightly
on the world so lovingly.

Anything can be rearranged
but nothing can ever divide us.

Now and forever
our voices will be heard together.

A storm can bring dark clouds
and rain make it all look grey.

The rainbow comes after this
showing us together again;

Shining as a light in the sky
brightening the world below us.

Forever and ever
our voices will be heard together

Flowers blossom and trees grow,
and animals frolic all around.

Insects and birds flying in the sky
and over the hill tops, ever higher.

Mountains will crumble to the sea,
forming new ground for us to be.

Changing goes on forever
our voices will be heard together

Written with the ABBA melody "Eagle" in my mind, June 2009


Whenever I touch you
It is like magic.
Whenever I touch you
I feel no pain.

But when you leave me
It is like a bad kick.
But when you leave me
It is all in vain.

So I sit here alone
Crying for you to come home.
I want to hold you once more;
Without you it is a bore.

I want to hold you in my arms
And feel you with all your charms.
Come and lets have fun;
Together we are one.

June 2009